Akti Seafood Restaurant (Restaurant - Tavern)
Eat and Drink at Gialos, Astypalaia Island


When Petridenas family started their journey with Akti restaurant in 1980, their first priority was to pass on the pure and exceptional recipes of the island, which have matured over the years at Astypalaian houses and traditional taverns, in a special and unique environment. The location was carefully chosen, with the restaurant figuratively hooked on the rocks and built up in six levels; the first three arranged almost as private balconys, while all six of them provide the guest with an amazing view to the Aegean sea and the Chora and castle of Astypalaia.

More than 30 years later, Dimitris and Anna Petridena, carry on with the same attractive "recipe". Akti Resturant enters its new era, renovated and refreshed, with simple but elegant decoration, based on the Aegean sea and the iconic small fishing boat, the "kaiki", with the white color dominating the space. In the kitchen, they trust young people, the promising future of the Greek gastronomy with a common element: delicious fresh fish and seafood. The products of "Ichthioesa" (the one who bares fish) Astypalaia, which are so generously offered by the crystal clear waters of the island.